3 Common Culprits Behind Your Malfunctioning Furnace

An efficient and well-functioning furnace usually blends in the background, making it a silent hero that keeps your home warm and comfortable throughout the changing seasons. It’s easy enough to overlook, but it can quickly cause disruptions in your daily routine once it breaks down. 

Even if it doesn’t completely give up on you during the colder months, an underperforming furnace can not only sacrifice your comfort, but its inefficiencies can also ramp up your electricity bills. That’s why it’s crucial to identify and correct the issues plaguing your furnace so it can keep your space cozy before winter hits. 

Most furnace problems are best left in the care of professional furnace service providers, but it helps to spot the trouble-causing culprits so you can nip the problem at its bud before it gets worse for you and your wallet. 

1. Dirty Filters 

Letting your furnace run with dirty filters will force the unit to work harder to produce warm hair, particularly since all the trapped dirt, debris, and other forms of dander can restrict the airflow. This blockage can cause the furnace to overheat the exchanger, causing the unit to perform poorly and boost your energy consumption as a result. 

Remember that you should change furnace filters every three months; all you need is to buy a new filter in your nearest local hardware store. This is the kind of issue that you can fix when you spot it early, but letting it overheat for long periods can lead to your furnace’s inevitable breakdown. 

2. Faulty Thermostats 

The thermostat serves as the heart of your furnace since it takes over the control of your entire heating system, which means any malfunctions will impact other parts of your HVAC units. The reason behind a faulty thermostat can be as simple as dead batteries, which you can easily replace yearly as recommended by the manufacturer manual. 

3. Mechanical Problems 

There are plenty of working inner parts in your furnace, which means one broken component can lead to a cascade of problems for your unit. This mechanical wear-and-tear can directly result from airflow issues, overheating, and more, all of which can eventually result in a full breakdown when left unattended. 

The Bottom Line: The Negative Impact of an Underperforming Furnace in Your Energy Consumption and Bills 

Modern furnaces are designed to be a workhorse, but it needs regular maintenance and inspection to ensure it performs as efficiently as possible. Letting your furnace struggle with the culprits above can make it vulnerable to frequent breakdowns, resulting in an unnecessary spike in your bills. 

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