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How to Install Central Air in Your Older Home in Morris County, NJ

Located in Whippany, New Jersey and serving Morris, Essex, Union, and Bergen counties since 2000, Air 1 Heating & Cooling provides personalized, high-quality central air conditioning installation services. Below we discuss how to add central air to your older home and how Air 1 Heating & Cooling can help.

How to Install Central Air

Installing central air into an older home doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve created a step-by-step guide answering some of the biggest questions about having central AC installed into an older home below:

Selecting the Proper Unit Size

The first step in installing a central air system into your older home is to select the right unit size for your home and your needs. To determine the best unit size, we will do what is called a heat-gain calculation. This calculation will take many factors into account such as the size of your home, where you live, the amount of wall and attic insulation you have, the types and placement of windows and doors, and the orientation of your home to the sun.

Using this calculation, we will recommend a properly sized unit for your home. It is crucial that the size of the unit is right for your home. A unit that is too small for your home will have to run longer to keep the house cool and a unit that is too large will not lower the humidity in the air effectively. Large units will cool the air in your house down before enough of that air has passed over the coils to extract the necessary moisture.

Selecting the Proper Unit Type

Now that we have determined the unit size you will need, we will need to look at which type of unit will work best with your home. The two most common unit types are split systems and package systems.

Split Systems

A split system has its fan and evaporator coil system inside the home, usually in the attic or attached directly to the existing furnace, and the condenser coils are outside the home, connected together by refrigerant pipes.

Package Systems

Package systems are rarer and operate like large window units with ducting. Both the condenser and evaporator coils are contained in the same unit outside the home. Package systems are great for homes with smaller attic spaces and are easier to service since every part of the system is contained in one unit.

Delivering the Air Around Your Home

Now that you’ve selected the right size and type of system for your home, you need to figure out how to deliver the air around your home. If you have ducts from an existing furnace system, they should be inspected by a professional and modifications may be needed.

If you don’t have ducts, installing them can actually be quite easy when done by a professional. At Air 1 Heating & Cooling, we’ve installed a number of unique ducting solutions for customers with older homes and are happy to make central air a possibility in your home.

Air 1 Heating & Cooling is a family owned and operated local business. We are located in Whippany, New Jersey and serve residents and businesses in Morris, Essex, Union, and Bergen counties. We are YOUR full-service NJ heating and cooling company, and our goal is to provide homeowners and businesses with the finest heating and cooling systems available at an affordable cost. Call Air 1 Heating & Cooling at 973-447-4165 with any questions regarding the installation of central air in an older home. We would be happy to give you a quote and work with you every step of the way.

Written by Air 1 Heating and Cooling