Is Your Evaporator Coil in Bad Condition? Here’s How to Know

Often unnoticed, the evaporator coil of an air conditioner unit is an integral element of the cooling process. Once they malfunction, it will be difficult to stay comfortable while you’re staying indoors.

It is vital to know the functions of an evaporator coil and the telltale signs they are in bad condition. Read on to learn more about evaporator coils and if they need to be repaired or replaced. 

The Important Function of an Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil’s job is to absorb the warm air in your home for your AC to be able to produce cool indoor temperature. This coiled piping also plays a role in condensation, helping reduce humidity in the air.

How Will You Know If Your Evaporator Coil Components Are Damaged?

An efficient cooling process becomes possible because of an evaporator coil. However, there are times when homeowners may experience poor performance and malfunctioning of the HVAC system. These issues require professional help from HVAC technicians. To know if your evaporator coil components are damaged, look for the following signs:

  • Warm air coming from the vents 
  • A refrigerant leak close to the components of the indoor cooling system
  • AC that can’t be turned on
  • Frequent on and off of the AC, but doesn’t cool your home properly
  • Hissing, banging, and other unusual noise that comes from the cooling system

Be mindful of the above signs and make sure to take prompt actions to have them fixed.

Common Issues of an Evaporator Coil

You might be thinking about when you should call for an evaporator coil repair. Make sure to seek professional help when you notice any of these issues:

  • Dirty evaporator coil
  • Dirty air filter
  • Frozen evaporator coil
  • Leak on your evaporator coil

To avoid these issues, regular maintenance and coil cleaning would definitely help. Annual tune-ups will be able to catch these issues early on and prevent cooling mishaps when you need your AC the most. You don’t want to experience the intense summer heat without a fully functioning AC to do its job. As a homeowner, you can also change the filters regularly. 

Do you need to replace your evaporator coil?

Let’s say there’s indeed a problem in your coils, and you might be torn between repairing and replacing your evaporator coil. If the issue in your cooling system can be easily addressed, the AC technician would most probably recommend a repair job. 

However, an evaporator coil leak calls for a more intensive service, and a replacement is most probably in order. When the inner lining of the coil erodes and the outer lining corrodes, this can cause refrigerant leaks. Refrigerant leaks are often expensive to repair, considering the cost of service and the price of recharging the system with refrigerant. In this case, a replacement of the damaged part is the more preferred option.


Your evaporator coil needs proper attention, too. So, make sure you perform regular checking for possible issues. Once you see some signs of damage or malfunctioning, do not hesitate to call an HVAC professional to do an inspection and do the necessary repairs. 

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