Let’s Talk about the Annoying Sounds Your AC Makes

As the summer heat rolls in, it’s essential to take the sunshine opportunity to maintain our air conditioning units. It’s the most convenient way to get some work done, enjoy the season, and get proper rest at the end of each day, but when the air conditioner starts making unusual noises, we become the opposite of relaxed.

Today’s appliances are quieter and more energy-efficient. To reduce the usual humming noise, HVAC systems have improved to employ sound-dampening technology and variable-speed compressors. Although, your air conditioning unit may still make odd noises that are frustrating to pin down. 

You must not ignore the unusual noises produced by your AC because they might indicate that your unit is not working correctly or is badly damaged. There are various distinct sounds your team might be making, and each one could point to a different problem. 

The Strange AC Sounds You Should Look Out For

1. Shrieking

It might be a significant problem if your AC squeals or screeches, giving you chills down your spine! Through the ductwork, these noises may penetrate the different areas of your house and disturb your entire family. 

As long as there is no sign of power being supplied to the interior blower or fan motors, it is likely that they are inoperable. A squealing or shrieking blower wheel might lead to worse issues if left unattended, so seek professional technicians to service your unit.

2. Grinding

When you hear a metallic grinding noise coming from your AC, there’s a good chance your compressor is damaged. The compressor eventually wears out over time. It’s the heart or the core of your AC system, and it carries out the circulation of your unit’s refrigerant. 

If the worn-out pistons in your compressor make loud grinding noises, you may have a big problem. Once you notice this symptom, consider having the compressor replaced as soon as possible. Additionally, hire a technician to handle this matter.

3. Rattling

When your AC starts to make a rattling or chattering noise, it implies that the entire unit is rapidly wearing down. While the compressor or electrical connections may be broken, the noise might also come from other components. 

Your unit also wears down through time, and your machine’s interior parts loosen up, including the fan that could be making the rattling sound. Without proper maintenance, your AC might also get clogged with dirt and generate this specific sound.

4. Clanging

Sounds of chimes and clanging indicate a loose or imbalanced device. If the internal components of your device have failed or the compressor itself is loose, the problem is likely mechanical. 

The sound may also potentially mean that the blower motor or the outside fan is having issues. Loose fans might potentially start hitting other sections and harm the system further. Once you hear this clanging sound, you must switch off your unit and immediately call for professional assistance.


In the unlikely event that your unit successfully cools down your house while producing unusual sounds, you should still contact a specialist to inspect and repair the issues. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse because the resulting harm may be far worse than you’d ever expect. 

Such damages may cause you a lot of money for further repairs, unit replacements, and even explosions. To help prevent the worst outcome, schedule a proactive appointment with a mechanic or an air conditioner specialist.

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