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Tilda Munier

Air Conditioning in Morris County, NJDear Cathy,

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to acknowledge the wonderful experience I had with Air 1.

During the recent snowstorm my powerlines came down, causing a surge through my house that damaged the furnace. Recently widowed, not having heat for for 7 days and at my wits end Litt and Jerry Shaw recommended I call Air1.Thank God I did.

Lori was so kind, helpful, understanding and within the hour a technician arrived. Dennis inspected the furnace and determined it was beyond repair.

He was extremely knowledgeable, walked me thur my different options and ordered it that day.

The following day it was delivered, installed and I finally had heat.

Dennis and his crew(Arturo, Ivan, Jermaine) did everything to perfection, paying attention to the smallest detail!!! (What an amazing and hard working crew)

Dennis, Arturo,Ivan and Jermaine were beyond professional, kind, and considerate feeling more like family.

They were also great with my 100 lb Golden Retriever who just wanted to steal their gloves from they’re back pockets.

Cathy and Lori you are the best.Dennis went beyond just installing the furnace, he also fixed my sticking sliding glass door.Thank you

A company is only as good as its employees, Air 1 is great because of its staff.

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job and easing my mind.

I will highly recommend Air1 to everyone I know in need of HVAC repair, replacements and service contracts.


Tilda Munier

Ramjee Raghavan

Air Conditioning in Morris County, NJDear Sir:

I am writing to you to acknowledge the excellent work performed at my home last week by Omar and his team. Omar and his team were very polite, professional, and were careful to keep my home clean, their work was excellent. I informed Omar what an excellent job he and the other technician, but I want you to know also as the owner of the company you are made aware of the great work they did.

My Trane A/C was not working. I called air one and Omar inspected the unit and suggested the condenser need to be changed. Since mine is an old unit working with Freon, he advised I should spring the extra $2000 and buy a new one as the old Freon based unit will not be serviced after 2019. So I replaced my old unit with a new 7 Ton Trane.

Ramjee Raghavan


Judy S.

Hi Lori,

I am writing to you this morning to acknowledge the excellent work performed at my home yesterday by Vic, Alturo, Will and Jermain. These men were so wonderful to work with. Not only were they polite, and were careful to keep my home clean, their work was above and beyond what I could possibly expect to receive. I let them know in person, what an excellent job they did, but I want you to know also so that the owner of your company is made aware of the great work they did. I’m sure you know, good employees are hard to find these days. I also appreciate everything you and Kathy did to get everything lined up, so this work could be done quickly. I have really enjoyed working with all of you.

About 10 years ago, I converted over from an oil furnace to gas heat. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the people who installed the furnaces did a really bad job on design and installation. It was a one guy shop with a couple of people helping him. They were recommended by a contractor who was overseeing the addition of new kitchen on to my home. Over the years, I have had many different companies come here to service my heating, who told me of the sloppy work and poor design of my heating and cooling system. None of them, offered solutions to my problem.

When you sent Vic out here last Friday to conduct maintenance on my furnace, he was the first person to come here in 10 years and offer a solution to my problem that would help my situation now and into the future. I consider him to be a God send! In a very congenial, polite, intelligent and honest manner, Vic put together a great plan to get everything working efficiently and excellently. I knew when he left my home last Friday, that he would follow though and do a great job. Yesterday, he took the lead here to insure that everything he promised me he would do was completed. This young man is a real asset to your company. He was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with him in the future. In this day and age, an employee like Vic is hard to find. I hope you all appreciate him, and acknowledge him for all the great work he is doing for your company.
Best regards,

Judy S.

“Thank you for the quality of service provided” – Lukasz


I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by your company. We sincerely appreciate your efficient and accountability you demonstrated on the project.  We are satisfied with your service  and we look forward to continuing this relationship.

We will recommend your service to other companies and contacts.

Thank you



“Just the very best in every way” – Steve

please..please..use us as an reference whenever an prospective account of yours is seeking an reference to install..replace their air-conditioning..heating systems as they can phone us and we…..w/pleasure will provide them w/all of the accolades and kudos of AIR 1…and validate how wonderful an company you are..just the very best in every way…from the great and incredible and professional office..internal team that you are to the field staff…Dennis….Carlos and Jermaine…the poster children for professionalism…There just are not an enough adjectives and superlatives to describe them…Professionalism beyond..you should be very proud to have them on your team…Shellie and I are here to promote your company whenever we can…so please do not hesitate in using us an an reference …..as we are here for you…..thanx again for forwarding the paid invoices as we look forward to receiving both the e-mail and hard copy in the mail soon……kindly give our regards and very best wishes to the greatest team in the land and please say hi for us….also please say hi to Will…….Take care Lori….be well always and thanx for always being there..Catch up soon…….enjoy the remainder of the summer….very best wishes and regards always…..Steve

Brian – New Duct Work Replacement

Hey Cathy,

I just want to write to you and Will and give you guys a big THANK YOU for all the work that was done last week. The guys did a wonderful job. We could not be happier. All three of the guys worked very well and they were very professional and kept the work place and our house very clean. They all worked very hard and answered all of my crazy questions. I felt very comfortable with them in the house and felt like we were family. I will say it again those three guys really worked hard and they were professional. Please pass this email to Will. We really want to thank Will for all his time and effort in making this easy for us. I cant say thank you enough to him. Also a thank you for having Will come up to the house to make sure everything was going ok. And finally a big thank you to you Cathy and Lori for all your hard work. All of Air 1 company rocks!!

Thank you so much and will see you soon.

Joe & Michelle Dikdan

Dear Will, Air Conditioning in Morris County, NJ

It is with pleasure that we write this letter regarding the recent installation of our additional air conditioning system.

Beginning with your personal knowledge and guidance, and continuing with Cathy regarding scheduling, payment, permitting and general communications, we can’t say enough about how helpful and professional your company has been. Additionally, your technicians and service staff were personable, neat and extremely conscientious. Please pass on our gratitude to your staff.

We are most satisfied with the installation.

We are anxious for the warm weather (aren’t we all), to start up the system and enjoy its cooling.

Please feel free to use us as a reference.

All the very best,

Joe & Michelle Dikdan

Jill B.

“We have been using Air1’s services for many years now, and each time, Willie and his staff have been nothing short of professional, prompt, and perfection in their work.  Also, love the clean shoe coverings they use each time in my house!  It is without hesitation that we highly recommend Air1 for our HVAC needs!”

Happy Homeowner from Randolph

Dennis called prior to arrival, was very punctual, informative, tidy, and professional. His staff was friendly.

Vin Z.

Great service and timely – pleasant and knowledgeable technician, but price a bit higher than expected.