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What Whippany Residents Need to Know Before Installing a New AC

Things to know before installing a new AC

When installing a new air conditioning unit in your home or business, it is important to have an understanding of what you need to know. Never be afraid to ask the professionals at Air 1 Heating & Cooling the questions that you might have. Residents in Morris, Essex, Union, and Bergen counties should know these important points before installing an air conditioner.

What is the Warranty on the AC Unit?

It is important to know if the new air conditioning unit that you are having installed comes with a warranty. You also will want to know how long the warranty is. There may be fine print in the warranty that you want a professional to explain to you.

What is the Best Type of System?

As professionals, it is hard to say that one brand is better than the other. There are brands that best fit certain needs better than others. You will need to consult with your HVAC specialist to determine what size unit is best for your house. From there, you can decide which brand to install.

Due to many years of experience, the professionals at Air 1 Heating & Cooling can tell you which brands they prefer. They have used and installed many brands across the market and have a preference for which units they prefer. This does not make them the best, but it does show a success rate with their chosen units. It is important to consider your HVAC specialist’s opinions when installing an air conditioner.

Is the Unit Energy Efficient?

When installing a new air conditioning unit, it is likely that you will worry about the cost. Choosing an AC unit that is energy efficient can cut down on these costs. Your technician can lead you in the right direction to choosing an energy efficient system. Modern HVAC systems are more budget-friendly than traditional systems.

What is the Cost of the Installation?

Each air conditioning installation is unique. The cost of the installation depends on the size of the unit being installed and the amount of time that it takes to install the system.  Your HVAC technician can give you an estimated cost of the installation.

What are the Best Ways to Maintain the System?

Maintaining your unit is the best way to prolong the life of the system and get the most efficient air from your air conditioning unit. Regular maintenance can be provided by your HVAC technician. It is important for the health of your unit that you have the system checked, clean and replace the filters, and service the machine regularly.

Are you ready to have a new air conditioning unit installed? Contact Air 1 Heating & Cooling to talk with a certified technician, today! Residents in Whippany and surrounding communities are eligible for HVAC services.

Written by Air 1 Heating and Cooling