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Whippany Residents Want to Know: What is Ruining the Lifespan of My Air Conditioner?

When it comes to air conditioning, there are several incidences when an air conditioner’s quality starts to deteriorate. It is important to know what these signs are and how you can fix them. The experts at Air 1 Heating & Cooling service residents in Morris, Essex, Union, and Bergen counties.

How do you know when it is time to service your air conditioner? As units age, it is common to see some signs of wear and tear. Most of these issues can be fixed with a simple maintenance visit from an Air 1 Heating & Cooling professional.

The Compressor Doesn’t Turn On

When you start your AC unit or it has been running for a period of time, you may notice that the fan is moving, but there is no cool air coming out. In this case, it may be because the compressor is not turning on. In this situation, it is important to contact an HVAC technician to repair or replace the compressor. If your system is old and you have had it for a long time, it may be more cost efficient to replace the unit entirely instead of replacing the compressor.

The System is Blowing Warm Air

Your system may be blowing warm air for a few reasons. First, it is likely that your unit is blowing warm air because of a compressor failure. It is important to have this serviced immediately because this is a sign of compressor failure. Your unit may also blow warm air if the system is not able to pump refrigerant through the system. This may happen if there is a refrigerant leak. Your system may have been losing cool air for a while, but you may not have noticed. It is important that you get this issue fixed so that it does not cause compressor failure.

The Circuit Breaker is Tripping

Does your unit keep tripping the breaker and losing power? This may be because of a compressor failure. Your unit may be overheating and drawing too much power which causes the circuit to trip.

The Unit Vibrates when Starting Up

If you have noticed that your exterior unit is shaking every time you start your system, this may be a cause of a hard start. A hard start is when the compressor is having an issue turning on. If this occurs, you should turn your system off immediately and contact a technician.

The Condenser Makes Loud Noises

If your AC unit is noisy and making strange noises, it is common that your unit is failing in the electrical components. This can be fixed and should be fixed before it causes a compressor failure. This is usually an inexpensive fix, but should only be performed by a trained technician.

It is important that you do not ignore the signs of compressor failure. To best avoid these issues, it is recommended that you regularly service your system. To schedule your maintenance, contact Air 1 Heating & Cooling. We provide service to residents in Whippany and surrounding communities.

Written by Air 1 Heating and Cooling